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Installation Tips For LED Flood Light Fixtures 3

Time:  2022-08-16    Author:  Zhongshan City Xinjie Lighting Co., Ltd.      Look:  378

(5) Colonnade


The colonnade can be enhanced visually by the effect of the positive and negative contours of the background. In illuminated background (Fig. 9A), the contours of the columns will stand out and low intensity lighting should be provided for the columns to limit the contrast or highlight the texture of the columns, and in direct lighting (Fig. 9B), searchlights are used to illuminate each column and render it from a dark or darker background.

 Floodlight lighting diagram

(6) Trees, flower beds and low bushes


Trees are usually illuminated by LED floodlights mounted on the ground. The arrangement of the lighting equipment depends on the specific form and shape of the individual objects. It is not recommended to mount LED floodlights on trees when there is a possibility of damaging them. If they are fixed to the branches by means of clips, the clips need to be adjusted regularly with the growth of the branches. If lighting is required higher up on the tree, for example, above the first level of branches, the LED floodlight will need to be fixed to a thin pole above that level.


For green grass or low bushes, PAR lights similar to LED floodlights can be installed above the ground or near the ground position, with a certain safety distance and appropriate mechanical and electrical protection (. Among them, LED floodlights (mushroom lights) can be used to illuminate the flower beds downward from a height of 50CM to 1M.


The flowers have a wide range of colors, which requires the use of light sources with good color rendering, color rendering index higher than 75 and color temperature close to 2500K are applicable.


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