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How To Purchase Led Bulb Light?

Time:  2022-08-16    Author:  Zhongshan City Xinjie Lighting Co., Ltd.      Look:  400

With the gradual maturity of LED lighting technology, there are a large number of LED bulbs on the market to replace incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps, in the face of all kinds of bulbs, how to choose?


LED bulb lamp standards


At present, the following national standards for LED bulbs.


l GB24906-2010 general lighting with more than 50 V self-ballasted LED lamps safety requirements


l GB/T24908-2014 general lighting with non-directional self-ballasted led lamp performance requirements


l GB30255-2013 general lighting non-directional self-ballasted LED lamps energy efficiency limit values and energy efficiency rating


The above three standards, GB24906 and GB30255 are mandatory standards, GB/T24908 is the recommended standard, GB24906 provides the most basic electrical and mechanical safety requirements, GB30255 provides the minimum energy efficiency requirements of the bulb lamp and the grading of energy efficiency, GB/T24908 provides the quality of light emitted from the bulb lamp, luminous efficiency and other performance requirements.

 LED Bulb

The naming of LED bulb lamps


The model naming of the bulb lamp consists of five parts: the first part BPZ is the code name of the bulb lamp; the second part is the luminous flux specification of the lamp; the third part is the type of light distribution, there are three types of light distribution, full light distribution (code O), quasi-full light distribution (code Q) and half light distribution (code S, can be omitted); the fourth part is the color characteristics of the lamp, using the color rendering index code (8 indicates not less than 80, 9 indicates high The fourth part is the color characteristics of the lamp, using the color rendering index code (8 means not less than 80,9 means high color rendering index) and hue code combination; the fifth part is the supplementary part, which can be the lamp head model or other information.


Key indicators for selecting LED bulb lamps


1. Light efficiency


The performance of the energy-saving characteristics of the light source, the unit is lm / W, the higher the value indicates that the light energy-saving effect is better. National standards require at least 60lm / W or more, many can do 90lm / W, good products can do more than 110lm / W. And, with the continuous development of technology, the value will also improve.


2. Color rendering index


Evaluation of the light source on the object color rendering ability, the value between 0-100, the larger the value, the light source on the object's color response closer to the true color. General requirements in more than 80, more than 90 indicates that the light's color rendering is very good.


3. Life span


The current national standards require LED bulb lamp life to reach 25000 hours, if the lamp works 8 hours a day, can work nearly 8 years.


Product selection considerations


1. Look at the appearance of packaging


National standard GB24906 mandatory requirements LED bulb lamp in the lamp should be marked with the following content.


l rated voltage or voltage range


l Rated power


l rated frequency


l source mark (can take the form of a trademark, manufacturer or seller name)


Usually, high-quality products with good quality trademark printing, clear and legible logo, and the manufacturer's address, contact information, after-sales information and related certification mark.


2. Look at the color temperature


At present, the product mainly has 2 shades, one is warm, that is, yellowish light, a cool color, that is, whitish light. Usually, warm light will give people a warm and cozy feeling, suitable for use in hotels, restaurants and bedrooms; cool color gives people a cool and refreshing feeling, used in offices, living room lighting more.


3. Look at the power


LED bulb lamp power mainly has 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W these five specifications, this can be selected according to the user's lighting needs, according to 90lm / W luminous efficiency, 5W bulb lamp is roughly equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp.


4. Look at the performance indicators


Mainly look at the luminous efficacy, color rendering index and life three indicators. Usually, companies will give the above parameters on the product or the manual value, the current light efficiency level in 90lm/W, some companies do not directly mark the value, but the power and luminous flux, we use the luminous flux / power to get the value of the product roughly for the level of luminous efficiency; color rendering index requirements in more than 80; life should be more than 25000 hours.


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