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Installation Tips For LED Flood Light Fixtures 2

Time:  2022-08-17    Author:  Zhongshan City Xinjie Lighting Co., Ltd.      Look:  409

6. Application examples


(1)Column tower


In order to be able to see the round shape of the tower, the brightness on the width of the tower should keep changing. However, the fiber should be kept constant on the vertical line. Follow according to Figure 5A and Figure 5B to arrange the led floodlight. The choice depends on the ratio between the distance of the luminaire from the object and the diameter of the tower.

 LED Floodlight Installation Examples

(2) Multi-sided tower


For rectangular or hexagonal buildings that can be viewed from all directions, two lighting directions are usually sufficient


For structures with 8 or more faces viewable from all directions, the number of LED floodlight positions depends on the available locations and should be studied for each practical situation to avoid any face being in shadow


(3) Roof shape


Roofs are usually made of materials that are darker than the inside, so they are less bright, even during the day. To maintain balance, the illumination of the roof lighting should not be higher than the rest of the building. If the color of the roof is conspicuous, this effect can be enhanced by using a light source with an appropriate primary color.


When the LED floodlights shining onto the façade are close together, it is usually not possible to illuminate the roof from the same location. In towns, LED floodlights can usually be installed on adjacent buildings. In other cases, LED floodlights can be mounted on masts or roofs at corresponding distances


If installing LED floodlights on the roof, be careful that these LED floodlights are installed in a concealed location to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the building during the day. Skylights, windows, drainage systems, chimneys, and other buildings can provide locations to install and conceal LED floodlights. Installing LED floodlights at the edge of a roof deck can easily illuminate the façade above the deck.


When architectural lighting is provided by LED floodlights mounted at approximately twice the height of the façade, the light spill in the beam is usually able to illuminate the roof


(4) Balconies and Corridors


The projection of balconies and corridors creates shadows on walls or facades. The farther the light source is from the building, the larger the balcony projection and the deeper the corridor, as well as the greater the shadows. If the resulting effect is unsightly, the effect of shadows needs to be reduced by changing the LED floodlight arrangement or by adding additional LED floodlights in the balcony or corridor to reduce the contrast.


The application of this technology is complicated by the obvious differences in the components used for warm and cool lighting and the fact that it can sometimes enhance the illusion of silhouettes.


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