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led street light fixture Intelligent lighting control system

Time:  2023-08-24    Author:        Look:  92

In the early days of the lighting industry, lighting control systems were mostly simple mechanical controls. However, with the continuous improvement of technology and living standards after the 21st century, we have higher requirements for the lighting system of led street light fixture. led street light fixture should not only consider the lighting effect, but also consider green energy saving.

Intelligent led street light fixture Lighting control system came into being. The intelligent lighting control system can use a variety of "preset" control modes and control components to reasonably manage the illumination at different times and in different environments to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Intelligent lighting control system allows the lighting system to work in a variety of preset states, and the preset times of these states can be automatically switched between each other.

In addition, led street light fixtures can be programmed to change the illumination of various areas at will to meet the requirements of different scenes. The intelligent lighting system can automatically adjust the illumination to the most appropriate level according to the intensity and actual requirements of the external natural light. Intelligent lighting control system has the following advantages: saving energy, extending lamp life, reducing maintenance costs, and improving lighting quality.

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