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led street light fixture fault maintenance and maintenance of key tips and precautions

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In the process of using led street light fixture, we need to fully understand the key skills and precautions of fault maintenance and maintenance. Proper maintenance and maintenance can not only ensure the normal work of the street lamp, but also extend its service life. This article will explain how to efficiently maintain and maintain led street light fixtures to provide better lighting services.

1. Regular inspection and maintenance

Regular inspection is the key to keep the street lamp working normally. Every once in a while, the street lamp should be comprehensively inspected to check whether the lamp body is damaged, whether there is leakage, short circuit and other phenomena. In addition, check the stability of the lamppost to ensure that it is firm. Clean the lamp cover and ballast regularly to avoid ash and dust affecting the lighting effect.

2. Troubleshooting techniques

led street light fixture Troubleshooting requires a certain amount of skill. When the street light is not bright or the brightness is not enough, you can first check the power line to see if there is loose, short circuit and other phenomena. If the circuit is normal, check whether the chip and heat sink are damaged. At the same time, check whether the lamp beads and power supply are faulty. For some complex faults, it is best to ask professionals to overhaul.

3. Pay attention to lightning protection measures

Lightning is one of the factors to which led street light fixtures are susceptible, so some lightning protection measures need to be taken. A lightning rod can be installed on the street lamp to reduce the impact of lightning on the street lamp equipment. In addition, during thunderstorms, it is best to turn off street lights to avoid damage to equipment caused by lightning strikes.

4. Use professional tools and materials

Maintaining and maintaining led street light fixtures requires the use of professional tools and materials. For example, you can use professional cleaning agents to clean the lamp cover, do not use corrosive substances to avoid damaging the surface. For the replacement of some vulnerable parts, it is recommended to choose high-quality original parts to ensure the stability and reliability of the street lamp.

5. Prevent voltage fluctuation and overcurrent

Voltage fluctuations and overcurrent are one of the common causes of led street light fixture failures. To prevent this from happening, a voltage regulator or UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be installed to smooth power fluctuations and provide a steady current. In addition, when installing street lights, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of cable wiring to avoid failures caused by poor contact or too tight.

Sum up

led street light fixture failure maintenance and maintenance need to have certain skills and precautions. Regular inspection, troubleshooting, lightning protection measures, selection of professional tools and materials, and protection against voltage fluctuations and overcurrents are all key. Through reasonable maintenance and maintenance, you can extend the service life of led street light fixture, improve the lighting effect, and provide people with a safer and more comfortable night lighting environment.

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