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What kind of led street light fixture is there

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led street light fixture is the main force of modern urban road lighting, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the types of led street light fixtures are becoming more and more diverse.

In this article, we'll walk you through several common led street light fixture types.

1. Long arm light

The long arm light, as the name suggests, is an led street light fixture that is mounted on high places. This lamp is usually installed on highways or viaducts and other roads, and its advantage is that the lighting range is wide, the illumination is uniform, and it can be flexibly adjusted according to the curve and height of the road. The long arm light also has an anti-glare effect, which can effectively reduce the interference to the driver.

2. Smart street lights

A smart street light is an led street light fixture that integrates an intelligent control system. This lamp can automatically adjust the brightness and switch according to road conditions, weather, time and other factors, thus saving energy and maintenance costs. Intelligent street lights can also achieve remote monitoring and management through the network, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency and the service life of the lamps.

3. Solar street lights

The solar street light is an led street light fixture charged by solar panels, which does not require an external power source and can work continuously in the case of sufficient light. These lamps are low in installation and maintenance costs, and are very suitable for some remote areas or places without electricity supply.

4. Lawn lights

Lawn lights are a decorative led street light fixture, usually used in parks, scenic areas, villas and other places. The lamps are available in a variety of colors and shapes to create a variety of unique landscape effects. Compared with traditional lawn lights, LED lawn lights have lower power consumption, longer life, and are more environmentally friendly and economical.

5. Tunnel lights

A tunnel light is an led street light fixture specifically designed for tunnels, which is characterized by not only high brightness and high power, but also seismic, waterproof and explosion-proof properties. This lamp can effectively improve the visibility in the tunnel, driving safety.

These are some common led street light fixture types. With the continuous innovation of technology, the types and functions of led street light fixtures will continue to enrich and provide more efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable solutions for urban lighting.

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