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led street light fixture product advantage

Time:  2023-05-04    Author:        Look:  174

Why is the inevitable trend of the future. Nowadays, when people go to a place, they usually judge the local economic development and the government's behavior directly by the spacious and magnificent roads. Smooth roads mean smooth traffic. As road compliance improved, street lighting came into being. Its appearance ensures light flux on the road surface and provides convenience and safety for vehicles. The choice of street lamp is also a comprehensive and complex knowledge, we should not only consider the beauty, but also consider the stability of the performance and lighting effect is in line with the standard. We can see that in the past, the roads were mainly lit by warm coloured traditional sodium lights. Most major cities now choose led street light fixtures to replace traditional sodium lights. In addition to its simple and generous appearance, the led street light fixture has many more product advantages:

1.The fixture ensures light flux due to the unidirectional nature of light without the presence of light diffusion.

2.led street light fixture uses secondary optical design to shine the light of led street light fixture to the illuminated area to improve lighting efficiency and save energy.

3.At present, the efficiency of LED light source has reached 110-130lm/w, while the luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. As a result, the overall luminous efficiency of led street light fixtures is stronger than that of high pressure sodium lamps.

4.The color rendering of led street light fixture is higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamp. The high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index is only about 23 lamps, while the led street light fixture color rendering index is more than 75 lamps, achieving the same brightness. led street light fixtures have an average illumination reduction of more than 20% compared to high pressure sodium lamps (reference UK lighting standard).

5.uniformity: do not increase the lens, do not sacrifice uniform light color to improve brightness, to ensure uniform light color without aperture.

6.led street light fixture is down slightly less than 3 percent in a year. After 10 years of use, it can still meet the lighting requirements for road use. High pressure sodium lamps have dropped dramatically, by more than 30% in a year

7.with automatic control energy-saving device, intelligent led street light fixture can realize the computer dimming, time control, lighting control, temperature control, remote control, automatic inspection and other humanized functions.

8.LED is a low-voltage device. The voltage that drives a single LED is a safe voltage, so it is safer than using a high-voltage power supply and is especially suitable for public places.

9.led street light Fixtures feature small chip sizes and can be prepared into devices of various shapes and environments.

10.Easy installation: no need to bury cables, rectifiers, etc., directly install the lamp head on the lamp pole or the light source nested in the original lamp shell.

11.long service life: can be used for more than 50000 hours, quality assurance for three years.

12.reliable quality: all circuit power supply adopts high-quality components, each LED has a separate overcurrent protection, no need to worry about damage.

13.Leds do not contain the harmful metal mercury, unlike high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps, which pose an environmental hazard when retired.

Based on the above, first of all, LED lamp is light and simple, its appearance is more generous and smooth than sodium lamp. Secondly, led street light fixture components stable performance, more user-friendly operation, can realize the terminal remote control. Third, led street light fixture has a remarkable energy-saving effect. It can save more than 60 percent of energy compared to sodium lamps. Fourth, led street light fixtures have low maintenance costs and all input costs can be recouped in less than six years. Therefore, the street lamp industry gradually turned from the traditional street lamp

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