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led street light fixture What are the lighting considerations?

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Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, led street light fixture lighting has been widely used in urban areas, squares, parks, highways and other public places. Compared with traditional street lights, led street light fixture lighting has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and so on. However, in the process of installation and use, we also need to pay attention to some matters, the following will be a detailed introduction to these matters.

Lighting installation

1. Choice of light pole

When choosing a light pole, it is necessary to determine the height of the light pole according to the road condition, traffic flow and solar illumination. Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to choose a high pole light pole to improve the lighting effect and illuminance.

2. Fix the lamp

When fixing the led street light fixture, it should be ensured that the overall structure of the lamp is strong and without safety hazards. Selection of high-quality fixed solutions and materials, in accordance with the operating procedures during installation, in strict accordance with the acceptance standards for acceptance.

Brightness control

1. The color of the light

The color selection of fixture lighting should be as coordinated as possible with the surrounding environment. The urban environment should choose white light, which is more conducive to safe driving, while the scenic area should choose yellow and warm color light source, which can create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Brightness of light source

The brightness should not be too strong or too weak, under normal circumstances to 4000-7000 lumens is appropriate. If it is set up in the urban area, the brightness should be adjusted at night to ensure the safety and smooth traffic.


1. Daily cleaning

led street light fixture lighting cleaning should follow the operating rules, you can set regular maintenance and cleaning mechanism, professional personnel regular inspection and maintenance.

2. Maintenance and replacement

When the lamps are found to be faulty or damaged, professional construction teams should be arranged in time for maintenance or replacement.

Lightning protection measure

1. Ground the device

The most direct and effective method is to set a lightning protection grounding device at the top of the light pole, which can effectively maintain the lamp and the power grid connection at the same potential to prevent lightning damage to the lamp.

2. Arrester device

Adding a lightning arrester device to the lighting of the led street light fixture can bear the huge energy generated when lightning breakdown, and greatly reduce the voltage change on the conductor.

Emergency measure

1. Centralized control of lamps

Maintain the centralized control of the lamp and the high-power control switch of the main road, and the small power supply of the lamp is not directly opened and closed to prevent damage to the lamp.

2. Data recording system

In the control system of led street light fixture lighting, a data recording system can be added to record, transmit and repair the fault in time when there is a lamp failure to ensure the normal lighting effect.

In short, when using led street light fixture lighting, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the above various issues to ensure its normal use and service life, achieve long-term energy saving and environmental protection goals, and improve the quality of travel for public agents.

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