Smart TUYA Bulb Light
【APP Control】Controlled by bluetooth, no need to move frequently to control the light bulb 【Schedule/Timer】Set timer if you always forget to turn off the color changing light bulb.Set the smart led bulb to turn on or off at a specific time, so you can turn on the lights when you go home, turn off the lights when you go out. 【Multi-color function and Sync to Music】Smart light bulb has 16 million colors, You can adjust the color mode as you like in the different scene,color changing with the music rhythm, a brilliant gift of Halloween and Christmas 【Customize Scenes】Every color is dimmable and tunable, bright enough, you can set your preference mode

TUYA Smart Light Bulb

Smart Led light Bulbs-Personalize Your Lights to Create Any Atmosphere

Color changing light bulbs with 16 million color choice and multiple dynamic scenes. We also have music sync that the bulb can change color and scenes follow the music rhythm.


Group Setting Smart Life

Works with TUYA Smart APP, without any dimmer, hub, Gateway.Group them into different groups to control color modes, let your devices work around your life

One tap to Apply Music Sync

Which creating romance, relaxation, party ambiance with Music, lights color will change with the music beats or your microphone


Schedule Automatical

Set time switch, similar to mobile alarm clock.

Wide Application

Choose from 16 million colors let you to customize smart bulbs to your creativity and moods, creating the perfect room atmosphere at leisure, Multi Access Scene Modes to Meet all your Needs

How to install TUYA Bulb Light safely?

1. Prepare an TUYA Bulb Light, the power of which is 40W for general home use, and confirm the connection method of the Only TUYA Bulb Light at home, which are commonly used in screw and socket. The difference between the Only TUYA Bulb Light screw and the socket is because some parts of China are too humid, and the screw is easy to rust, and the TUYA Bulb Light cannot be screwed off. This is not the case with the socket. So the southern socket TUYA Bulb Light is more popular.

2. Although the installation of Only  TUYA Bulb Light is not a big project, the installation process should not be careless, otherwise security problems will easily occur. When installing the TUYA Bulb Light, "big chairs are not allowed to stack small chairs". Once it slips, the consequences will be disastrous. It is recommended to use a zigzag ladder, which is safer. In addition, it is better to have a helper to stabilize the ladder to prevent accidents.

3. Find the entry switch at home and pull the switch. Since the TUYA Bulb Light switch only turns off the electricity of one line (there are generally 2 groups of electricity at home, live and neutral), so the TUYA Bulb Light is not lit, but it is very likely to be electrified. Pulling off the main gate is to ensure safety.

4. There is a red wire on the lamp socket which is the live wire, and a blue wire which is the zero wire. When connecting the lamp head, use a test pen to check whether the two wires have electricity. After confirming that there is no electricity, connect the live wire to the lamp head wire. , and wrap the insulating cloth, then connect the neutral wire to the other wire of the lamp head, and wrap the insulating cloth.

5. Climb up the ladder to exchange for the TUYA Bulb Light, turn on the flashlight, hold the TUYA Bulb Light seat with one hand, hold the broken TUYA Bulb Light with the other hand, and pre-apply a left-hand reverse The force of the right hand of the clock is clockwise, and the attention can be tentatively first, because some TUYA Bulb Light may be damaged after a long time, and then the force will gradually increase, and it can be unscrewed. Then put on the new TUYA Bulb Light and screw it on.

6. Due to the reasons of energy saving and environmental protection, the state has banned the sales and production of incandescent lamps. But this experience sharing does not affect his use, because the connection of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps is the same, but it should be noted that when installing energy-saving lamps, do not hold the lamp tube, the lamp tube is easy to break, and other steps are the same as incandescent lamps. The lights are installed the same way.

Notes on Installing TUYA Bulb Light

1. Insulation should be done well. It is a humid environment, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If the insulation is not done well, it is easy to short-circuit.

2. TUYA Bulb Light is a lamp made of glass. When installing the hanger, be sure to use an iron expansion screw (iron expansion pin), do not punch holes first, and then screw in a wooden wedge to fix it. This method is only applicable to the lateral fixation of the wall, not the top surface. It is also not recommended to use plastic expansion tubes, because plastic expansion tubes will age over time.

3. Prepare some No. 6 screwdrivers in advance, because you will encounter such a situation when installing the lamp: when installing the chassis, because the original screwdriver is sealed at one end, it cannot be screwed to a certain extent. It will be less powerful. In this case, you can screw a No. 6 screwdriver first and tighten it up, and then screw the original screwdriver. This is not only beautiful but also prevents the chassis from being unable to fully match the top surface.

Cost-effective, durable and energy-saving TUYA Bulb Light Shopping Guide!

TUYA Bulb Light Power

The power of TUYA Bulb Light is generally between 0.06 and 100 watts. The specific wattage of TUYA Bulb Light can be selected according to the purpose, space used, and quantity. For home use, usually choose  TUYA Bulb Light between 1 and 20 watts to meet lighting needs.

TUYA Bulb Light Color Temperature

Color temperature is a measure of how cool or warm the TUYA Bulb Light is. The higher the color temperature, the whiter, cooler and bluer the light will be. TUYA Bulb Light and fluorescent lamps have a variety of color temperatures to choose from. Warm light is a dim light that is visible to the flesh. The color temperature is 2700-3300K. Natural light is similar to sunlight, and the color temperature is 4000-4500K. According to the scene, Choose a color temperature that is comfortable and efficient for you.

TUYA Bulb Light Strobe

The stroboscopic we often say actually refers to the depth of the fluctuation of the luminous flux of the point light source. The greater the fluctuation depth, the more serious the stroboscopic, which is directly related to the technical quality of the TUYA Bulb Light electric light source. Prolonged use of such lamps can cause eye soreness and fatigue, which may affect vision. Of course, the method to judge whether the  TUYA Bulb Light has strobe light is also very simple. Just look at the light source to see if there are horizontal stripes. If there is, there is strobe light.

TUYA Bulb Light Luminous Flux

The luminous flux determines the brightness of the TUYA Bulb Light, and its unit is lumens (LM). The higher the luminous flux, the brighter the TUYA Bulb Light.

What is Smart TUYA Bulb Light

Smart TUYA Bulb Light, a new form of bulb product. The core technology of embedded Internet of Things is adopted to embed the intercommunication core module into the energy-saving light bulb. The Internet is ubiquitous, and the characteristics of the era of interoperability and interaction anytime and anywhere affect the development and evolution of energy-saving light bulb products. The design of LED lighting bulbs is the mainstream, and the core technology of embedded Internet of Things is adopted to embed the intercommunication core module into the energy-saving TUYA Bulb Light, which introduces the software mechanism of interactive services into the living room, and relies on the support of the cloud service platform to form a smart light bulb system that can be linked with the deployment of lighting and electricity in the living room, with social interaction and intelligence.

Pros of TUYA Bulb Light

The benefits of the TUYA Bulb Light are numerous and well documented. Compared to modern incandescent bulbs, the TUYA Bulb Light typically saves 75% energy and can last more than 50 times longer. Today's TUYA Bulb Light is a huge improvement over previous LED bulbs.

The TUYA Bulb Light produces minimal heat, emits no UV or IR, contains no mercury, is impact resistant, and operates effectively in extreme environments.

The Lighting Revolution: Smart Connected Lighting. Adding wireless connectivity and networking capabilities to the TUYA Bulb Light provides more opportunities than just simple on/off functionality.

You can adjust the TUYA Bulb Light brightness, color temperature and timing via a simple smartphone app or voice assistant, and even remotely control the lights on the go.

Applications are previously unheard of include wireless proximity sensor-triggered Smart TUYA Bulb Light that automatically illuminates hallways and rooms at night as you walk through a house or building, bedside lighting that gradually wakes you up in the morning, or hospital lighting that uses color Improve mood, health and speed up recovery.

The convenience and benefits of Smart Connect TUYA Bulb Light lighting are limitless. Smart lighting is still in its nascent stage compared to traditional lighting, but the adoption of smart TUYA Bulb Light lighting is steadily increasing in residential, commercial and industrial markets, thanks in part to the adoption of green Energy Incentives and Regulations.

TUYA Bulb Light Market

According to research and market forecasts, the global smart lighting market will reach $24 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of up to 21% from 2018 to 2023. The acceptance and demand for smart connected lighting will continue to grow as more "things" are connected to each other and consumers embrace smart home technology.

This is why many top lighting brands are racing to offer not only smart LED products, but complete lighting ecosystems that are easy to deploy, interoperable, secure and scalable.

Smart TUYA Bulb Light Design Challenge Implementing wireless connectivity in LED bulbs in a cost-effective manner presents lighting OEMs with a new set of design and implementation challenges. For example, the Smart TUYA Bulb Light must meet stringent RF regulatory requirements, stringent energy efficiency standards, high temperature ratings, and stringent product size and space constraints.

Limit parameters of TUYA Bulb Light

The limit parameters of TUYA Bulb Light mainly include allowable power consumption, maximum forward DC current, maximum reverse voltage and operating temperature. When designing and using TUYA Bulb Light, these limit parameters cannot be exceeded, otherwise will damage the LED.

(1) Allowable power consumption Pm When the current flowing through the TUYA Bulb Light is IF and the tube voltage drop is UF, the power consumption is P=UFIF TUYA Bulb Light When the LED in the TUYA Bulb Light is working, an external bias is applied. Pressure and bias current will promote the recombination of carriers to emit light, and some of them will become heat, which will increase the junction temperature. Therefore, the power consumption of the TUYA Bulb Light LED has a threshold, which is called the allowable power consumption. Allowable power dissipation is used to describe the maximum power allowed to be applied to both ends of the TUYA Bulb Light, that is, the maximum value of the product of the forward DC voltage and the current flowing through it. Exceeding this value can cause the TUYA Bulb Light to heat up and be damaged.

(2) Maximum forward DC current IFm The maximum forward DC current allowed to be added to both ends of the TUYA Bulb Light LED is called the maximum forward DC current. Exceeding this value will damage the TUYA Bulb Light diode.

(3) Maximum reverse voltage URm The maximum reverse voltage allowed to be added across the TUYA Bulb Light LED is called the maximum reverse voltage. Above this value, the TUYA Bulb Light LED may be broken down and cause damage.

(4) Working temperature The ambient temperature range in which the topmLED can work normally is called the working temperature. Below or above this temperature range, the TUYA Bulb Light LED will not work properly and the efficiency will be greatly reduced.

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