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What are the precautions for solar led street light installation?

Time:  2023-03-09    Author:        Look:  157

  Nowadays, solar led street light has been everywhere on the road. With the continuous improvement of the conversion efficiency of solar energy and battery, all walks of life have begun to put it into use. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are producing and installing Solar led street light. However, we should know that the quality of products from different manufacturers is completely different. Especially for the installation standards of solar led street light, there are many matters for attention, including the final acceptance and certain standards. Next, it will be briefly introduced for you.

  Installation precautions led street light panels need to face due south to maximize the absorption of light energy. led street light to avoid very close to the heat source, so as not to affect the life time of the lamp. led street light panel do not have direct light source, so as not to make the lamp control system identification error.

  4.The construction foundation of solar led street light pole should be reliable and strong enough, and it should avoid being installed around tall buildings, plants, telephone poles, etc., so as to ensure the irradiation time of the light source to the maximum.

  5.The design of grounding protection and lightning protection facilities must strictly abide by the Code for Design of Building Lightning Protection, and all solar led street light poles and electrical equipment must comply.

  Installation acceptance standard

  1.Whether the quality of the solar led street light pole is qualified and whether the surface of the light pole arm is smooth. Whether the accessories are complete, such as street lamp pole, illumination lamp, panel assembly, lamp controller, battery model, capacity specifications, etc. meet the design requirements, whether the height and lighting brightness of the solar led street light meet the expectations during the trial run.

  2.Whether the pole position of the road light pole is vertical, whether the installation is reasonable, whether the construction foundation is reliable and safe, and whether there is obvious influence on the absorption of the light source around the street lamp.

  3.Whether the solar panel components and controllers meet the design requirements.

  4.Whether the street lamp pole has met the wind speed stress safety requirements stipulated in the national standards.

  5.street lamp anti-theft, lightning protection system, grounding protection is perfect and reliable.

  The above installation precautions and acceptance standards on solar led street light are introduced here. Finally, I want to remind you that when you buy solar led street light, you must choose a regular professional solar led street light manufacturer. Don't choose products with poor quality because of low price.

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