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solar led street light Installation Method?

Time:  2023-02-23    Author:        Look:  138

  Pour the concrete foundation

  First, determine the specific installation position of the street lamp. Using the engineering design drawing and survey tools of road construction, with 40 meters as the benchmark interval, remove the surrounding sunshade objects, give the position of the identified street lamp, and mark the specific orientation with conspicuous pigments.

  Second, excavate the foundation pit of the street lamp. After the location is determined, the exploration tools should be used to check whether there are obstacles within a depth of 1 to 2 meters on the surface, especially to avoid cables and sewer pipes. After removing obstacles, confirm the state of the soil. If the soil is too soft, it is necessary to dig down one meter vertically to ensure the stability of the soil in the foundation pit.

  Third, pour concrete. With concrete pouring, such as the foundation pit concrete completely solidified, sweep away excess sediment, for the installation of street lamp components.

  Install solar led street light parts

  First, install solar panels. First, the panel is fixed on the street lamp support frame with screws, and then the positive and negative poles of the solar lithium battery pack are connected with the power output line and tied tightly with a cable tie. Finally, the solar lithium battery pack is fixed on the solar panel by soldering the power output line connection with tin plating, and then waiting for the installation of the lamp.

  Second, installation of LED lamps. First, pull out a piece of lamp wire from the lamp arm, connect one end to the lamp port, and install the LED lamp cap at the lamp port, and connect the other end to the position of the wire hole embedded in the lamp pole. Then make sure that the lamp arm is not tilted, tighten the screws on the lamp arm and the lamp pole to ensure that the lamp arm is fixed on the lamp pole. Finally, label the lamp wire in the position of the wire hole embedded in the lamp pole, and together with the power output wire of the panel, fix it on the panel through the four-point thin wire tube, and install the panel on the top of the lamp pole. After installing everything, check whether the screws at all joints are tightened. After checking, wait for the crane to install.

  The crane hoisted the light pole

  First, lift the lamp post. Attach the lifting rope to the pole's point of impact and use a slow speed to lift the entire solar led street light, taking care to prevent the crane from knocking over the solar panels.

  Second, adjust the position. When the whole set of solar led street light is hoisted vertically above the foundation pit, turn the lamp pole, align the LED lamp holder at the lamp port with the ground, and check whether the screw hole on the flange plate is aligned with the screw on the ground.

  Third, fixed light pole. After making sure that the flange is accurately placed on the foundation pit screw, place the flat washer, spring washer and nut in sequence, and tighten the screws to ensure that the whole solar led street light is fixed without shaking.

  Points to note for Installing solar led street light:

  1.Check whether the accessories are complete. solar led street light is composed of six parts: solar panel, solar lithium battery pack, lamp arm, LED lamp holder, lamp pole and flange. The fittings include three parts: connecting screw, nut, power output line of the panel and lamp pole and lamp arm. Before installation, check the number of materials one by one to ensure smooth installation.

  2.Confirm the position of the panel. In our country, the Chaoyang district of solar led street light, the solar panel must face is south, which is determined according to the movement rule of the point of direct sun, the purpose is for greater power generation efficiency.

  3.Pay attention to the wiring sequence. solar led street light should first connect the circuit board power output line, then connect the lamp line, to prevent the controller damage due to the error of positive and negative pole exchange.

  How about solar led street light? Why solar led street light

  How to choose solar led street light?

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