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How to distinguish good and bad LED bulbs?

Time:  2022-09-19    Author:  Zhongshan City Xinjie Lighting Co., Ltd.       Look:  496

Today, LED lighting manufacturer Xinjie lighting will introduce how to distinguish the quality of LED bulbs. This article will tell you several key points to identify the quality of LED bulbs. Interested partners may wish to take a minute to take a look together.

1) Brightness of LED bulbs

Of course, the quality of LED bulbs depends on whether they are bright or not. Then see how energy efficient it is and whether it meets your needs.

2) Are LED bulbs energy efficient?

The efficiency of LED bulbs is related to whether it saves electricity, which is very important, because electricity saving is the original intention of many people to use LED bulbs.

Judging whether LED bulbs save power is to see which lamp has less power under the same brightness. To detect the power consumption of LED bulbs, you can't just look at the current. You must use a test tool that can display the active power (because the electricity bill is paid according to the active power).

Now there are common sockets with display function, which can display voltage, current, active power, power factor, etc. If you cooperate with an illuminometer, you can choose high illuminance and low power consumption. As for the power factor, there is no need to consider only a few lamps. If you install in batches, you must choose LED bulbs with a high power factor, because this involves the specifications of the wiring.

LED bulb

3) LED bulb power drive mode

If the batch order is conditional to get the LED bulb sample in advance, it can also be opened for identification. The power supply part of the LED light bulb should be driven by constant current.

4) LED bulb light source

The identification of LED bulb light source mainly depends on its consistency and ⅤF value. When the LED bulb is lit, measure the total voltage and then divide it by the number of series connected to get the VF value. The lamp bead below 1w should preferably be below 3.2v and not too high.

To judge the consistency, prepare an adjustable power supply. After disconnecting the LED light source from the driver, connect it to the power supply and gradually increase the voltage. Carefully check whether all the LED bulbs light up at the same time. light source. When the LED bulb light source is normally lit, it can also be covered with a piece of white paper for observation, and the light class should not have a blue edge.

5) LED bulb color temperature

In addition, pay attention to the color temperature when choosing LED bulbs, and the color temperature should not be too high for home lighting. Too much blue light can easily lead to eye fatigue.

Well, the above is the whole content that Xinjie brings to you on how to distinguish the quality of LED bulbs. I hope today's content can help you better judge the quality of LED bulbs. For more information about LED lamps, please refer to the following:

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