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Explore LED Panel Lights

Time:  2022-08-16    Author:  Zhongshan City Xinjie Lighting Co., Ltd.      Look:  403

The LED panel light uses a unique SMD patch as the light source, plus the light guide plate and/or diffuser plate so that the ultra-thin design of the LED panel light can not only provide illumination but also add artistic beauty. At present, LED panel lights are mainly used in office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, and hotel lighting.

Next, Xinjie will lead you to introduce the LED panel light from three aspects: the type, application range, and structure of the LED panel light.

Types of LED Panel Light

Flat LED Panel Light

Recessed LED Panel Light

Ceiling LED Panel Light

Hanging LED Panel Light

Round LED Panel Light

LED panel light application range

LED panel lights are widely used, and there is a trend to replace grille lights; LED panel lights are mainly used in:

600*600mm LED panel light, ceiling (replacing the original grille light);

Walls (not only for lighting purposes but also for artistic expression);

Installation body (pursuing the combination of practicality and art, convenient and simple installation);

Others (can also be used in other places, such as train boxes or large mobile cars, counters, etc.);

LED panel light structure

LED panel light frame: frame strength affects the durability

The frame is an important part of the panel light, and the high-strength frame makes the panel light more durable. The side frame of the LED panel light is made of different materials, and its heat dissipation performance is also different.

LED panel light

diffuser: different materials have different light transmittances

The function of the diffuser plate is to evenly disperse the light of the light guide plate, and it can also play the role of blurring the dots. The materials used are mainly acrylic, PC, PS, etc.

LED panel light guide plate: the plate has a great influence on the light efficiency

The function of the light guide plate is to refract the light parallel to the direction of the light-transmitting plate into a direction perpendicular to the light-transmitting plate.

Generally speaking, the light efficiency of the light guide plate depends largely on the design of the dots, followed by the choice of the plate.

LED panel light power supply:

LED lights have two driving power modes, one is a constant current power supply, which has high efficiency, PF value as high as 0.95, and high-cost performance; the other is constant voltage and constant current power supply, with stable performance, but low efficiency and high cost.

This article introduces LED panel lights from three aspects: type, application scope and structure. I believe that you have already understood LED panel lights after reading the full text. If you want to get more industry information, please pay attention to Xinjie. See you in the next issue.

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