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Components and performance characteristics of led panel lamp

Time:  2022-09-29    Author:  Zhongshan City Xinjie Lighting Co., Ltd.      Look:  636

Today, tuya led panel lamp supplier Xinjielighting will introduce the main components and performance characteristics of led panel lamps. I hope this article can help you know more about led panel lamps.

Main components of LED panel lamp

1)LED panel light source:Usually, 3528 is used for LED bulbs, and some people use 3014 and 5050. 014 and 5050 have low cost and slightly poor light efficiency, and the key point is that the design of their light guiding network points is difficult. 328 has high light efficiency and good dot versatility.

2)LED panel light guide plate:The side LED light is refracted through the dot to lead the light from the front evenly, and the light guide plate is the key point of LED panel lamp quality control. If the dot design is not good, the overall light effect will be very poor. Generally, there will be a bright spot in the middle and a dark spot on both sides, or there will be a bright spot at the light entrance, or a local dark area will be visible, or there will be inconsistent brightness at different angles. To improve the light efficiency of the light guide plate mainly depends on the dot design, followed by the quality of the plates, but there is no need to be superstitious about the first-line brand-name plates, and the light transmittance between qualified plates is usually almost the same. Generally, all small LED lamp factories directly buy public light guide plates for use, so there is no need to redesign them. The public plates used by more manufacturers are usually of qualified quality.

3) Aluminum frame of LED panel lamp:It is the main channel of LED heat dissipation, and its appearance is simple and generous. ZY0907 can be used, and the cost of stamping and mold opening is low, and the processing cost is also low. The IP grade of the die-cast aluminum frame can be higher, the surface texture is good, and the overall appearance is beautiful, but the cost of mold investment in the early stage is higher.

led panel light

4)LED panel lamp diffuser:The light of the light guide plate can be led out uniformly, and the dot can be blurred. Generally, the diffuser plate is made of acrylic 2.0 or PC material, but almost PS material. The cost of acrylic is lower and the light transmittance is slightly higher than that of PC, but the anti-aging performance of acrylic is weak. The price of PC is slightly expensive, but the anti-aging performance is strong. After the diffuser plate is installed, the dot cannot be seen, and the light transmittance should be around 90%. The light transmittance of acrylic is 92%, that of PC is 88%, and that of PS is about 80%. You can choose the diffuser material according to your needs. At present, most manufacturers use acrylic materials.

5)LED panel light reflective paper:Reflect the back corner of the light guide plate to improve the light efficiency, generally RW250.

6) Rear cover plate:The main function is to seal LED panel lights, generally 1060 aluminum, which can also play a role in heat dissipation.

7) Install the pendant:Hanging steel wires, mounting brackets and other accessories are used to install and fix.From the point of view of quality control, it is the most effective to spend additional money on LED light source and LED light guide plate in order to improve light efficiency. From the point of view of marketing, spending additional money on aluminum frame cover pendant can improve the product grade.

The LED panel lamp performance

The main performance and characteristics of LED panel lights are as follows:

1) flexible designLED panel light emitter is a kind of point emitter. Designers can design various light sources with different shapes and particles according to customers' requirements through the flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces, and the design is very flexible.

2) high lightingLED panel lamp is made of reflective panel with uniform light emission and sealed design, high-efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. Uniform luminous effect and higher illumination.

3) Fever is lessLED panel lights are light and thin in appearance, complete in heat dissipation function, low in power and low in heat generation.

4) Long lifeThe theoretical life of LED is up to 100,000 hours. If calculated at 8 hours per day, its theoretical life is more than 27 years. The theoretical life of CPL lamp cup even exceeds 100,000 hours.

5) The lamp changes in various ways.LED panel lights can adjust the light color according to different needs and environmental changes, which not only does not produce radiation and glare, but also can protect eyesight, and the light color is milder.

6) Strong vibration resistance.In LED panel lamps, LED light source is a kind of high-hardness resin luminous body rather than tungsten glass, which is not easy to be damaged, so its vibration resistance is relatively high and its adaptability to ambient temperature is strong.

7) Strong control ability.LED panel lights can be controlled by various dynamic programs through external controllers, and can adjust the color temperature and the degree of light and shade.

8) Low power consumptionAt the same time, LED panel lamp lighting technology is still a green lighting technology. The products do not contain mercury, have little waste, and there is almost no pollution in the manufacturing process. Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recycling and recycling, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy and society.

Ok, the above is all about led panel lights brought by Xinjielighting, the manufacturer of led panel lights and tuya led panel lights. I hope this article can help you understand the composition and performance of led panel lights. I hope the above content will help you. More information about led panel lights is constantly being updated. See you next time.

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